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 Kitchen Grease Filter Cleaning in Dunedin, Otago/Southland,And Beyond.

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Grease Filter Cleaning

Oven Cleaning Services has operated a professional grease filter cleaning service in Dunedin for a number of years and services approximately 160 - 180 Dunedin retail food outlets, institutional kitchens and food manufacturers, and now a growing number of customers in the South Island via our new courier based XFilter service. Our sister company, Whattamess Kitchen Cleaning Services, services the  wider Christchurch area. Whattamess also provides a professional grease filter cleaning service including our courier based XFilter service.

Having clean grease filters is the first defense against a fire reaching your extraction system. A fire needs fuel and if there is no fuel for a fire to ignite – the fire cannot spread up through your ducting and threaten your whole building.

Most councils around NZ and insurance companies will expect you to maintain clean grease filters as a standard part of your housekeeping and duty of care.

Although NZ has no specific legislation concerning filter, hood and duct cleaning, Australian legislation AS 1886 becomes “Best Practice” in NZ. If you have damage from a fire in your extraction system and you cannot prove a regular effective cleaning plan was in place, your fire insurance will be in jeopardy.

Why Not to Clean Filters in Your Dishwasher

Your filters do not get cleaned thoroughly in a dishwasher and in fact will damage them. Dishwashers are built for washing flat, round dishes – not dense square objects like filters. Using your dishwasher to clean filters means they get a build up of organic matter, particularly in the corners, interfering with the filtering process. Using dishwasher chemicals also corrodes the filter media and eventually ruins the whole filter. We use a safe industry standard process that is not harmful to your delicate filter media.

How Frequently Should You Get Your Filters Cleaned?

This depends on the type and volume of food cooked and the type of oil used. People often get their filters cleaned on a monthly basis, though some (e.g., a business that serves burgers) need their filters cleaned more frequently, often on a weekly basis. Other restaurants and institutional kitchens may need their filters cleaned less frequently (e.g., every six or eight weeks.) The cycle should not be so long that there is sufficient grease in the filters to sustain a cooking fire. We tailor our service to meet the unique needs of your business. We can solve this problem for you.

Grease Filter Cleaning Outside Metropolitan Dunedin – Our XFilter Service

We offer a courier-based system for businesses outside the Dunedin area needing to have their filters cleaned. This popular service is known as XFilter. It is ideal for provincial hospitality businesses struggling with the problem of dirty grease filters.

XFilter can reach customers all over the Southl Island. Our sister company in Christchurch, Whattamess Kitchen Cleaning Service, provides the XFilter service for businesses north of Oamaru.

How XFilter Works and What It Might Cost

Clean filters are delivered right to your door whenever you want them (excluding weekends and public holidays.) You simply exchange the dirty filters in your hood for the clean filters we supply* and send the dirty filters back to us using the same metal courier box the clean filters arrived in. To make it even easier we supply you with the return courier ticket.

Like Dunedin customers, the frequency of cleaning varies depending on the needs of the business. We understand that some businesses have a high-volume season followed by a low-volume season. Our service cycle is dictated by you, our customer. If this services interests you and you would like more detail on how it works, contact us.

Solve your dirty grease filter problem for as little as $8 - $10+ GST *per week.
*Conditions apply.

.Solve your dirty grease filter problem now!

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