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Domestic Oven Cleaning in Dunedin

Residential Cleaning

Oven Cleaning Services provides a range of quality cleaning services to the wider Dunedin residential market for your convenience and satisfaction. We work with hundreds of homeowners, landlords and property managers each year.

We specialise in the cleaning of all types of ovens and stovetops, hob tops, range hoods and filters and BBQs. Our experienced Oven Cleaning Technicians are trained in cleaning all makes and models of ovens. We also clean windows and spouting.

Our services are the perfect gift for theperson who has everything. Talk to us about purchasing a gift voucher for their next special occasion such as Christmas, Birthday or Mothers Day .

Our standard booking times are 8.30 am. 11.00 am. and 2.00 pm. Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays).

For your peace of mind, Oven Cleaning Services carries full insurance and we guarantee our work.

What is having my oven professionally cleaned likely to cost?

This is the million dollar question - everyone wants to know.
After discussing your specific situation and circumstances we will be in a position to give an indication of likely cost.

Types of Oven Clean

A standard oven clean includes oven racks and rails as found in the oven and exterior glass surfaces of the oven door, but generally doesn’t include; (although you can ask for all these services as an extra)
  • roasting dishes unless they are integral to the oven itself
  • splitting the oven door glass
  • pulling the oven out and cleaning behind and under it

After cleaning, the oven will be rinsed out with fresh hot water to clean away any residual chemicals. You can use the oven immediately after the technician leaves.

Oven Make Over

The Oven Make Over is the most common service requested by our customers. It involves cleaning the oven from top to bottom; specifically, it includes the control panel, stovetop, oven chamber, oven door inside and out, oven racks, sides of the oven and warming drawer. Splitting the oven door to clean the insides of the glass is an additional service we offer.

Baking Chamber Only

This is another frequent request from our customers. The baking chamber only clean will include; oven chamber, oven door inside and out (does not include splitting the oven door glass), oven racks (excludes roasting dishes etc.).

Standards of Oven Clean


This standard is most frequently asked for by homeowners and landlords with high-quality rental properties. It is a detailed (or valet) clean of the oven. When finished, the oven will be as clean as the age and condition of the oven will allow. An Immaculate clean usually takes 2 1/2 to 3 hours to complete. 

Clean and Presentable Standard

This is not a budget clean, it is a midrange clean. We developed the Clean and Presentable Standard when landlords started regularly asking us to clean their rental ovens so that they would be “clean and presentable.” Customers preparing to sell their homes often use this standard as well. A Clean and Presentable clean will normally take 2 to 2 1/2 hours to complete.

Fixed Budget

The third option we provide is called fixed budget. This is where the customer limits the value of the work to be done. No standard is applied and the oven cleaning technician will do the best they can with the money available. The fixed budget option starts with a minimum of 2 hours labour.

Rescue Clean

We consider any oven that is so dirty that it takes more than three hours to clean to be a “rescue clean.” With a rescue clean, we keep working until the desired standard is met, and the price will reflect this. This is still more economical than replacing the oven.

Choose Your Extras

Oven Surrounds

Cleaning the oven surrounds is another service we provide to both homeowners and landlords. When requested, we will also clean the area behind, under and surrounding the oven up to the height of the oven (the area the oven hides). Our customers appreciate us providing this service as many cannot do it themselves. Allow about 15 minutes for this service.

Range Hoods
 and Filters

We can provide you with either a detailed or quick clean of the range hood and filters depending on what is requested or needed. Because there are many different makes and models of range hoods we can only give a general guide for how long this type of clean will take. We usually advise customers to allow 15 – 20 minutes for modern styles and 20 – 60 minutes for older styles of range hoods. 

Splitting The Oven Door Glass

Occasionally we are asked to split the oven door glass apart to clean the oven door glass on the inside. Not all our Oven Cleaning Technicians are trained to do this specialist task, so we need to know at the time of the booking that you wish to have this done so we can send the appropriate technician.

It is also the only part of our work we do not guarantee, we will provide this service on “all care & no responsibility” terms as we can be dealing with old and worn door seals that may break when the door is opened for cleaning.

Cleaning the door glass does take extra time and we normally advise customers to allow about 45 minutes to finish the job, sometimes a little less.

Replacing bulbs

Our technicians carry a wide selection of common oven and range hood bulbs should they need replacing.

Special Ovens

Self-Cleaning Ovens

We are asked to clean a number of self-cleaning ovens. Some homeowners either do not know that their oven is self-cleaning, or they no longer have the instruction manual. These ovens still require cleaning as the self-cleaning function only applies to the self-cleaning panels and then, only if the self-clean cycle is used. The areas behind the self-clean panels will still need cleaning. Our technicians can give customers sound advice on the care and maintenance of their self-cleaning oven.

Extra Wide/90 cm Ovens

We have custom-built equipment to accommodate cleaning the parts of these ovens. 

Window and Spouting/Gutter Cleaning

We can clean your windows inside and out as required. We use high quality, professional window cleaning equipment and have a range of ladders as needed to get the job done. 

We also clean residential gutters on buildings of all shapes and sizes. Bear in mind that with higher gutters, we may need to make special arrangements for height safety. We have technicians that are height safety trained for this type of work. 

Referral Reward System

Many of our domestic customers return year after year and recommend us to other people. We developed a referral reward system as a way of recognising those customers with a small thank you from us. 

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