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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in Dunedin and Otago/Southland

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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Our team has been cleaning commercial kitchen extraction systems, kitchen grease extraction filters, commercial ovens, pizza ovens, chip fryers and associated cooking appliances for years. As specialists in this area of cleaning, we know how to work in a busy commercial kitchen - around your food and cooking utensils and around tight timetables. We have a reputation for getting things done, and we’re willing to work through the night to get your job finished if necessary.

We regularly provide cleaning services to local and not so local, restaurants, cafes, institutional kitchens, service and sports clubs and takeaway outlets. If it's your ceilings and walls - we clean these too. As we are certified to work at heights and in confined spaces, we are often called on to do specialist commercial cleaning.

Commercial Kitchen Extraction System Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning kitchen extraction systems, we are the experts, along with our sister company, Whattamess Kitchen Cleaning Services, whick services the wider Christchurch area. We’ve set the standard for properly removing grease that would otherwise be considered a fire hazard. Which means your insurance company, local council and landlord will be happy. The Dunedin City Councilhas a focus on having extraction systems cleaned before a Building Warrant of Fitness can be issued, putting pressure on hospitality tenants to have their extraction systems cleaned promptly.

Let us give you a quote for your next kitchen extraction system clean. When the work is completed we provide you with a Maintenance Cleaning Certificate. This certificate is designed to be shown to the person issuing the 12A for your Building Warrant of Fitness. It helps the council and your insurance company know that your extraction system has been professionally cleaned.

Health and Safety

Here at Oven Cleaning Services, we take Health and Safety very seriously. As each job is unique, a detailed risk analysis specific to the situation is always carried out before we proceed with the work, where any serious hazards present are identifiedand a plan developed to mitigate these risks down to an acceptable level of risk.

For your confidence, we have an audited Health and Safety system that has passed the stringent test for the University of Otago, Otago Polytechnic, Mercy Hospital, Larnach Castle (and many others) when they have inducted Oven Cleaning Services as their approved contractors for the services we regularly provide them.

Food Control Plan

Another benefit for those of you on a food control plan is that you can tick off this area of your business as you now have a cleaning plan in place. The long-term benefits of using our expert service are:


You won’t need to worry about this area of your business – we will ensure the work is done to regulation and on time. This will save you time and worry.


We guarantee you will be completely happy with the professional standard of our work or we will fix any legitimate issues that are concerning you.

Indemnity Insurance

For your peace of mind, we carry $5 Million indemnity insurance.


We will cut new access points into your extraction system so that we are able to clean at least 80% of your extraction system. Once these access points are installed, they are there permanently for each re-clean.

Where possible, we will take digital before and after photos for you to check our work. These are available for you on request.

We also offer free advice on areas concerning your extraction system, particularly regarding cleaning and maintenance. Have an enquiry? Ask your experts at Oven Cleaning Services.

Your Kitchen Extraction System

Hood Interior

The interior of your hood needs to be cleaned at least once a year to remove grease buildup which can fuel kitchen fires. The interior of the hood is defined as that area hidden behind your filters. Some interiors are easier than others to clean, especially if they have been neglected for years and require a significant number of hours to restore back to bare, clean metal.


Your extraction ducting needs to be cleaned regularly. How often it needs cleaning depends on several factors; your menu, your volume of cooking and your local council or insurance assessor. We recommend that you have your ducting cleaned every one – three years. If your business receives a lot of traffic and cooks a lot of greasy food, you should have it cleaned each year.


The weather cowling is designed to stop weather elements from coming into your ducting and to allow extracted air to be released into the atmosphere. It is extremely common for extracted grease to contaminate the cowling and its surrounds over time. Fortunately, our staff regularly cleans up these sort of messes for our clients.

Fan and 
Housing Unit

We will also clean the extraction fan and its housing. Grease build up on your fan blades will stress the motor and can cause a thermal burnout. This can lead to a fire in your ducting, the worst place to have a fire.


Over time, anti-bird guards can become clogged with grease. When the guard is clogged up, your extraction system cannot remove the grease-laden air out of your kitchen.

Extraction Inspections and Cleaning Management


We can inspect your extraction system on request, to establish whether or not it requires cleaning. We will inspect critical points along the system, take digital photographs for filing and complete an Extraction System Inspection Report. This report will state whether, in our opinion, the system is Overdue/Due/Not Due for cleaning. This report can then be filed in your building register as proof of inspection.


If appropriate, we may recommend a cleaning cycle to help maintain your equipment and keep you safe. Routine maintenance allows us to catch problems early on and can extend the life of your appliances.

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